Frequently Asked Questions
Here you'll find answers to commonly asked questions about our application process, platform features, and troubleshooting tips. This resource is designed to help you navigate your journey with ApplicaaOne more smoothly and efficiently.
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Who is ApplicaaOne for?
ApplicaaOne is designed for secondary students in Year 11, who are looking to research Sixth Form opportunities.
How many Sixth Forms can I apply to on ApplicaaOne?
You can apply to as many Sixth Forms as you want. However, it is important to think carefully about which order you rank these applications in. Sixth Forms are unlikely to offer you an interview you if they are ranked your 5th choice.
Is there a cost to use ApplicaaOne?
ApplicaaOne is completely free for all students. ApplicaaOne is also free for schools & colleges to list their courses and post events. Schools can upgrade to take advantage of some of the premium features.
Is ApplicaaOne for Parents?
Parents can use ApplicaaOne to support their child in researching for Sixth Form and Colleges Courses to apply for. We however recommend that accounts are created using the young persons email address rather than the parents and this will be used later when they start applications to schools that use Applicaa to manage their admissions.
How much does ApplicaaOne cost for my Sixth Form or College?
For Schools and Sixth Forms - listing courses, requirements, and events on ApplicaaOne is free for Sixth Forms and colleges. There are specific charges related to the Matching Hub for successful student placements. Schools can also upgrade to take advantage of some of the premium features of ApplicaaOne that cover the whole admissions process from Application to enrolment. Please see here for more on pricing.
What happens if I have three separate email addresses? For example, my school email address , my personal email address; and my Mum has applied for another sixth form on my behalf
Don’t worry. You can unify your accounts under one lead email address using the secondary email feature. Please see here for a video on how you can do that
What does Quick Apply mean?
Sixth Forms with the 'Quick Apply' option actively use Applicaa to manage their Admissions & Enrolment process. This means that applicants are able to apply to the school using their ApplicaaOne account and will be taken directly to their application registration page.
Applicants will still need to register at that school’s Applicaa system and fully submit their application by completing each step.
How does the MatchingHub work?
The matching Hub works a little bit like University clearing. After results day, if you are unsuccessful with your first choice sixth form. On the Monday following results day (this year 26th August) the Matching Hub opens. You will be able to able to see if any local Sixth Forms or College still have the courses you are looking to study (with entry requirements) you have achieved.
You can pre-register for the Matching Hub now to keep up-to-date with live information too!
How long will it take for me to hear from Sixth Forms in the Matching Hub?
The Matching Hub will stay open until 30th September. Schools can take a few days to go through all the applications and call or email you to make offers. If you have been offered an enrolment place at another institution and need to make a decision, there will be no harm in calling the school for an update of a timeline on when they are hoping to make a decision.
What happens if I do not get a place on the Matching Hub?
Don’t panic - please go and visit your local Sixth Form College and/or FE College to meet with them in person to see if they have any spaces available.
How quickly must I accept my offer through the Matching Hub?
Schools may make a deadline for acceptance onto courses as they do not have long before the new academic starts and therefore need to start making preparations. We would suggest accepting the offer as soon as you can without any delays.
How long does my offer last on the matching hub?
Each school will have their own criteria. We would advise you not to take your time as places can go fast for oversubscribed schools. If you are unsure, speak to the school about your concerns and why you may need more time to make a decision.
How will schools contact me through the matching Hub?
Schools may email or phone you using the information provided on your application form and Matching Hub form. Make sure you have checked your phone number is correct and available on the day of enrolment.
What happens if I don’t receive an offer through the Matching Hub?
Don’t panic - Schools on enrolment day are extremely busy with Internal students. We would suggest calling the school to make sure they have received your application and ask when they will be looking at External applications and making the decisions.
How do I report back to my Secondary School which Sixth Form I have enrolled in?
You can either call in or email the school informing them of which institution you have enrolled.
What happens if I am not happy at my Sixth Form? Can I switch?
Moving to a new school or sixth form is a big step.
We recommend thinking very carefully before switching Sixth Form. You should take time to speak with your family and staff at your current school for advice. You can also call or visit the school that you would like to visit and ask them about the questions you have.
The Matching Hub will stay open until 30th September, so you can check on there during this period if you are thinking of going to another school.